What is BFS Recovery?

Thank you for visiting BFS Recovery. BFS Recovery was established in 2011 as a resource for those suffering from Benign Fasciculation Syndrome (BFS). As a result of our own struggles with BFS and the anxiety that comes with it, we are committed to helping others understand the condition and the benign nature of it, and learn to overcome high levels of anxiety that so often accompanies the condition.

BFS Recovery is a membership based community. You may join the community for free. Benefits of becoming a member include:
  • Access to the forum which includes the ability to post topics as well as answer topics by other members.
  • Ability to ask questions to an expert in neurology.
  • Share videos of fasciculations ( twitching ) with other BFSers.
  • Chat live in the BFS Chat Room.
  • 24 hour personal assistance via the BFS hotline.

You can conquer this condition!